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Why Use Virtual Reality?

VRTEX® WELDING TRAINING SIMULATORS Attract and engage students.

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Who is Using Virtual Reality?

Community colleges, military...

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Additional Features

Use this feature to visually inspect welds made on the VRTEX® for porosity, undercut and proper bead placement.....

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Inside the Helmet

The VRTEX® Welding Helmet uses an integrated Face Mounted Display to immerse the student in the virtual environment where they can practice their welding technique.

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Performance and Evaluation

Performance and evaluation of a student’s performance on the VRTEX® can be seen through various areas throughout the VRTEX®.

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Need Funding? Get Started!

The race for educational grants is competitive, but funds do exist. In fact, there are at least $7.9 billion in federal grant funds set aside for assisting training programs, and that’s not even counting the monies available from private and corporate foundations.

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