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At Lincoln Electric, we understand that even the most talented welder can be limited by the quality of their tools. That’s why we provide welding programs, teams, instructors and learners with the most reliable and straightforward welding training equipment, curriculum and classroom materials available on the market today. And with the reputation as a leading manufacturer in welding equipment and operator of one of the longest-running welding training programs globally, we are the industry’s most comprehensive, one-stop-shop supporting the pursuit of welding excellence the world over.

From lesson plans, curriculum materials, worksheets and teaching guides, you can find everything you need to prepare welders of all backgrounds and abilities to advance their skills and become masters of their craft.
Need to outfit your classroom or lab with the proper welding tools? Lincoln Electric has got you covered. Find tools, weld joints, teaching aides, accessories and more to successfully teach the welding process at every level.
Finding welding consumables is easy with our Consumables Catalog. Simply search by metal and process to find the wire materials you need to successfully handle any welding situation.
Lincoln Electric offers a wide range of premium welding accessories which include welding helmets, apparel, tools, guns, torches, expendables and gas apparatus. This broad portfolio of accessories is designed to suit the needs of all types of education programs.
No matter what welding process you need to train on – from stick, TIG, MIG, wire, multi-process, and more – Lincoln Electric has the equipment welding learners need to take their welding skills further.
Bridge the classroom-to-welding-booth skills gap with advanced welding training technology specifically designed to increase safety while promoting optimum learning and skill development.
Give welding technicians the training they need to program and execute highly technical welds on a variety of materials and settings with Lincoln Electric’s solution-driven line of robotic trainers.
From handheld plasma cutters to state-of-the-art plasma cutting tables and OxyFuel cutting equipment, Lincoln Electric has the cutting tools new and returning students will need to advance their welding skill sets.
Weld booths and weld fume control systems are essential to safe welding. In addition to portable and stationary fume extraction solutions, custom engineered fume extraction systems are also available.