Guns & Torches

Welding Guns & Torches That Increase Learning Time, Decrease Program Costs

Whether preparing a student welder for a career in construction, heavy fabrication or shipbuilding, learning to use a welding gun or torch is a fundamental skill. Lincoln Electric welding guns and torches are designed to reduce operator fatigue. Used in conjunction with Lincoln Electric’s durable expendables, these essential welding tools provide both economical and reliable operation in a training environment for the most productive learning experiences.

Comfort Grip and Industrial-Grade Construction

  • Features Lincoln Electric’s classic curved lightweight and balanced handle for a comfortable grip
  • Utilizes Lincoln Electric’s Copper Plus® contact tips and Magnum® PRO gun expendables that enable students to spend more time welding and less time changing tips and gun expendable parts
  • For medium- and heavy-duty GMAW or FCAW applications
  • Product line includes: Magnum® PRO Curve 200, Magnum® PRO Curve 300, Magnum® PRO Curve 400

Lightweight Handling and Compact Design

  • Compatible with many of Lincoln Electric’s POWER MIG® welding machines
  • Utilize Magnum® PRO gun expendables, resulting in less downtime and more arc-on time
  • For light- and medium-duty GMAW or FCAW applications

Durable Construction Extends Performance

  • Copper Plus Contact Tips with Anti-Seize Threads from Lincoln Electric last longer, which means students are spending less time changing tips and more time welding
  • Coupled with Magnum® PRO nozzles, diffusers, and insulators, Lincoln Electric’s unique expendable designs result in more hands-on time
  • For use with any Lincoln Electric Magnum® PRO Guns
  • Lincoln Electric offers a wide variety of contact tips, diffusers, nozzles, insulators, and liners in many different sizes and configurations

Torches Provide Maximum Maneuverability

  • Premium air-cooled and water-cooled models are light and easy to use
  • Provide maximum versatility and maneuverability
  • Available with several amperage ratings
  • Molded, knurled handle provides a sure grip  
  • “F” model torches feature flexible heads for significantly greater comfort and access to tight spaces
  • “V” model torches have a convenient gas valve on the torch to easily control shielding gas flow for power sources that do not have built in gas solenoid valves
  • Select TIG torch models are available with Ultra-Flex power cable providing over five times the flexibility of a standard power cable