Single-Arc Fume Extraction

Single-Arc Fume Extraction Solutions for Localized Fume Control

Localized fume extraction for single-arc welding provides fume control where the operator needs it. With portable and mobile fume extraction units available, as well as downdraft tables, Lincoln Electric provides educators and student welders the flexibility they need to achieve reliable weld fume control in tight spaces, multiple locations or at the work bench.

Light-Duty Fume Control Where It’s Needed

  • Ideal for training situations that include only a few welding stations, hard-to-reach spaces or limited airflow
  • Fume control units are lightweight for portability

Wall-Mounted, Low-Vacuum Systems

  • Ideal for weld schools
  • Wall-mounted, low-vacuum systems designed for extraction and filtration of welding fume
  • Provides welders optimal motion and reach for their specific welding position(s) and work area
  • Intended for light- to medium-duty extraction and filtration of welding fume
  • Generously sized filters allow for lower operational costs
  • Configure a system for your application’s unique needs

Easily Moves from One Workspace to the Next

  • Light- to medium-duty welding fume extraction
  • Generous air flow
  • Reduces dust and dirt in surrounding areas
  • Large filter surface requires fewer changes
  • Extractor arm enables optimal motion
  • Casters and wheels optimize mobility and positioning

Customizable or Integrated Fume Control

  • Removes welding fumes at the source
  • Remove particulate and dust from metal-grinding applications and light-duty plasma arc cutting
  • Customizable extraction systems include side panels, backdraft panels, dust collection tray and adjustable feet
  • Integrated fume extraction systems provide strong backdraft (80%) and downdraft (20%) extraction capacity
  • Ideal for training situations that include only a few welding stations, hard-to-reach spaces or limited airflow
  • Three-stage spark arrestor system for integrated systems capture hot particulate before it enters filter chamber

Extraction Arms & Guns, Filters & Fire Safety

  • Flexible extraction arms include a 360° rotatable hood to quickly capture fumes Ideal for weld schools
  • Replacement filters ensure peak performance and efficiency
  • Fume extraction guns withstand long hours of arc time
  • Fire safety solutions prevent, detect and suppress fires in the welding and fume extraction and filtration systems