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Find welding tools, tutorials, books, DVDs, technical papers, welding product kits and more at the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation Bookstore. Integrate educational tools into existing curriculum or further your students’ knowledge of the welding trade independently with a wide range of supplementary materials to encourage deeper learning.

Bring welding training to life and bridge the divide between classroom learning and the welding lab with the tools of the trade.

Teaching Aid Toolbox


  • Comprehensive array of tools and accessories from various welding and cutting processes
  • Familiarize students to the structure, operation and application of the Cutaway Harris® gas regulator and oxyfuel torch.
  • Fully supported with Lincoln Electric U/LINC® curriculum lesson plans and more
  • Bring actual welding and cutting tools into the classroom to better illustrate the principles of each process
  • Boost understanding by illustrating joints, cuts, equipment and related techniques

Lincoln Electric’s welding project kits come with clear step-by-step guides and everything you need to get started without having to invest a lot of time and money into procuring materials. Building from a template is an easy way to teach students practical hands-on training and expand their interests in welding.

Welding Kits

Our definitive library of welding books will help beginner and advanced welders alike to advance their skills.

Welding Books

Free Welding Manuals

Every welding student should have a reference manual for every major welding process. Log into the Education & Resource Portal to obtain these critical resources for your students.

From the basics of welding terminology and shielded metal arc welding techniques, to industry trends and the role welding plays in our daily lives, our collection of DVDs covers the gamut of welding education for students, educators and professional welders.


Basic Electricity for Arc Welding


Reinforce or stress important welding concepts with welding posters on everything from welding safety and careers, to why welds crack, welding positions, processes and more.

Welding Poster Packs

Guides, Papers and Articles

From award-winning papers to an archive of Welding Innovation articles, our cache of technical papers includes a wealth of information designed to enrich welding education and advance arc welding practices.