Welding Training Systems Curriculum

Take Welding Training to the Next Level with Resourceful Teaching Materials

Access teaching resources for the VRTEX® line of virtual reality welding trainers, REALWELD® trainers and training systems for CNC Plasma Cutting and Robotic Welding. Stretch your teaching potential and encourage students to become more active participants in the learning process with the detailed lessons and project plans you need to get the most out of your welding program.

U/LINC, a comprehensive welding curriculum and learning management system, supports an ideal learning process for welding learners and instructors. With a U/LINC subscription, you gain access to more than 1,500 curriculum resources and support materials for every Lincoln training system including VRTEX®, REALWELD®, Robotic Welding and CNC Plasma Cutting. Benefits:

  • Instantly search, download and print out lesson plans, assignments, activities and more.
  • Match your curriculum with ACS, national and state standards for welding.
  • Full curriculum and learning management system developed by 35 of the industry’s top educators
  • Support for welding instructors at every level, from middle and high school, to community college and trade school.

First Edition – SMAW Welding Training Curriculum

  • Welding safety practices
  • Detailed lesson plans with objectives, welding procedure specifications, virtual and traditional lab work assignments including additional exercises for advanced learning, and review questions
  • Quick facts and resources for each lesson including video demonstrations
  • Complete answer key for instructors

First Edition – GMAW Welding Training Curriculum

New Lessons in VRAW - GMAW Version

  • Curriculum based on AWS EG 2.0
  • Designed to offer an enhanced method of learning using traditional welding training projects and virtual reality welding projects
  • Instructors have the flexibility to implement the curriculum in their lesson and training programs

Project Based Lesson 1 – Instructor Guide and Student Workbook

VRTEX Project Based Lessons, Instructor Guide
VRTEX Project Based Lessons, Instructor Guide, and Student Workbook
  • 15 lessons
  • Reference and ties to educational common core standards and Welding Society SENSE standards
  • Solve complex problems in a multi-disciplinary approach
  • Utilize fundamental skills – reading, writing, and math
  • Incorporate and teach teamwork, problem solving, research gathering, time management, and
  • information synthesizing

Project Based Lesson 2 – Student Workbook

VRTEX Project Based Lessons Student Workbook

  • AWS virtual bend test for multi-pass pipe and groove welds and a virtual bend test certificate upon successful completion
  • Advanced scoring modules based on the American Welding Society D1.1 or ASME
  • Motorsports garage virtual welding environment
  • Instructor panning view function

REALWELD Training Curricula

Access an archive of lesson plans, videos, student handouts, tests and presentations and more designed to supercharge your teaching experience and free you from curriculum development. Find the resources you need to support the integration of a REALWELD trainer in your classroom and enhance the critical hands-on, skill-building component of your instruction. Image result for RealWeld Teaching Environment

Robotic Welding Project Based Lessons Book 1

Robotic Welding Project Based Lessons workbook

  • For use with software versions 7.7 or lower
  • 13 lesson plans
  • Objectives, materials used, step-by-step instructions
  • Discussion questions to challenge students

Robotic Welding Project Based Lessons Book 2

Robotic Welding Project Based Lessons workbook

  • For use with software version 7.8 and higher
  • Objectives, materials used, step-by-step instructions
  • Discussion questions to challenge students

Introduction to CNC Plasma Arc Cutting

Introduction To CNC Plasma ARC Cutting Manual

  • Chapters cover history, safety practices, machine basics, software, tool paths, image imports and more
  • Each illustrated chapter includes student review assessment questions designed to test comprehension
  • Includes theory, step-by-step practical demos, a sample CAD project and a handy glossary of terms