Flux-Cored Arc Welding – Semiautomatic

Ankle high leather safety steel-toed shoes are mandatory for this class.

Course Description
Designed to instruct welders in welding safety and the Flux-Cored Arc Welding process (FCAW) for both Self-Shielded (Innershield®) and Gas-Shielded (Outershield® and UltraCore®) methods. The course lasts one week, involving approximately 30 hours of booth instruction, lecture and practice.

Course Content

    • Learn fundamentals of FCAW Self-Shielded (Innershield®)
    • Learn fundamentals of FCAW Gas-Shielded (Outershield®)
    • Weld on 10 gauge through 1-inch thick material in all positions
    • Use a variety of electrodes, wire feeders and power sources
    • Typical joint designs used in construction and shipbuilding are welded, which consist of fillet, lap, groove and butt welds
    • Final weld tests are on 1-inch bevel plate vertical up with and without a backin bar

30 Clock Hours: Lab: 26, Class: 4

Please Note: If a student desires to practice on different types of welds, and/or materials other than those offered, material must be provided by student.

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2017 Course Dates:
February 27 – March 3
May 22-26

May 30 (Tuesday) – June 2
August 14-18
August 21-25
October 2-6
October 23-27
November 6-10