Course Builder

Course Builder: Weld Curriculum Planning Made Easy

Every good welding instructor needs a curriculum plan to properly train someone how to weld. Course Builder makes the whole process of planning your welding instruction easier and quicker.

Course Builder is a web-based curriculum planning tool that creates a program of specific and appropriate welding lessons from Lincoln Electric’s U/LINC® welding curriculum that you can deliver to your students. Using the Audit function, you can also track the plan’s compliance with state welding standards and requirements for welder training.

Course Builder takes the user through a series of easy-to-follow online screens that ask about the course of study, teaching level and other relevant welding information. After just a few keystrokes, Course Builder creates a comprehensive course curriculum plan consisting of lessons that you have identified from individual U/LINC® curriculum course modules. The plan spans the time frame of your choice – everything from the coming week to a full year of welding instruction. Blocking dates for holidays, vacations or conferences is easy to add.

Once you’ve populated your calendar, Course Builder tells you where your training program stands in terms of compliance. The tool identifies which state standards your curriculum plan meets and where it falls short, enabling you to modify the plan as needed by adding U/LINC® curriculum lessons that will satisfy the missing standards.

Curriculum planning can be a time-consuming and difficult process, even for the most experienced welding teacher. It may not be a popular part of the job, but it’s mandatory for welder training. Take the hassle out of welding curriculum planning and construct a solid framework for yourself with Course Builder.

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