Upgrades, available only for VRTEX® 360 models, are software additions that include extra welds or new features like a new environment or coupon. For example, Upgrade 2 offers a Bend Test.While VRTEX® 360 One-Pak® Packages contain all of the upgrades, VRTEX® 360 models purchased without a One-Pak® Package will not contain all of the current Upgrades.Upgrades are identified by a specific part number and can be purchased individually in any order. If you seek the features and welds found in Upgrade 4, you can make that purchase, without having to first purchase Upgrades 2, and 3. Contact us at

Review the LICENSE INFO to see what upgrades are on any VRTEX® machine. LICENSE INFO is located by accessing the Instructor Mode. How you access the Instructor Mode will vary depending on whether your VRTEX® 360 is a Touchscreen or Joystick model.


To enter into the Instructor Mode, navigate to the keyboard Login screen:

  • Press the key icon on the lower left hand corner of the login screen.
  • Enter generic code 1-2-3-4-5, and then press on the unlocked padlock.
  • Press directly on the LICENSE INFO box.

The list of upgrades will have green checks √s or red Xs. A green checkmark indicates you have the Upgrade; a red X indicates you do not have the Upgrade.

The content of each individual Upgrade can be reviewed by pressing directly on the Upgrade. Press directly onto the individual Feature to review a description of the feature.

Every available upgrade may not be on the LICENSE INFO list. This would depend on your software version. A specific Upgrade may have been developed after the VRTEX unit was manufactured.

Purchased upgrades will always come in the form of the latest software version. These are offered at the same cost, typically involve the same installation steps and the entire software upgrade process is almost as quick. Software version numbers can be located on the top of the LOGIN screen.

Press on the Key Icon
Enter code 1-2-3-4-5
Press on the LICENSE INFO box
A green checkmark indicates you have the Upgrade

Press on the key Icon

Enter code 1-2-3-4-5

Press on the LICENSE INFO box


The earlier VRTEX® 360 models required using a joystick to navigate, and they came with a key. These models were offered prior to the introduction of touchscreen technology. The key was used primarily to enter into the Instructor Mode.

To enter into the Instructor Mode, navigate to the keyboard Login screen.

  • Turn the key 1/4 turn to the right.
  • At the top of the screen you should now see the Instructor Mode banner.
  • Use the Joystick to toggle down to License Info.
  • Press the red SELECT button.

The VRTEX firmware version loaded on a machine will list the Upgrades that were available for that software version. Those Upgrades which are active on that machine will be marked with a green check √ mark. A red X indicates that the Upgrade is not active.

Each of the upgrades can be reviewed by using the joystick to toggle to the specific upgrade. Press the red SELECT button to select an Upgrade. To review the individual feature, toggle directly to the specific feature and push the red SELECT button.

If one of the upgrades that are currently available cannot be found on the list, that typically indicates that the machine is equipped with one of the earlier versions of software. This does not affect your machine’s potential to upgrade. The next upgrade would include the most current version of software. This would update this list.

There may be a few of the earliest versions of the joystick model that have yet to be upgraded. LICENSE INFO will not list the Upgrades for those units. The user would instead scroll through the multiple bands of features. NOTE: Even the oldest of VRTEX® 360 can still be upgraded with the most recent of the available features.

The purchaser will receive a detailed description of how the upgrade works. Currently the descriptions for Upgrades 2 through 5 are also included in the operators IM Manual. Some upgrade features may require an operation that goes beyond set up and welding. For these upgrades, the user will receive operating instructions.
If welds have been added that are not on the user’s current Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) book, a WPS manual or addendum will be sent as part of the Upgrade package.

Visit this page for more information on VRTEX Upgrades:

Click here to d​ownload the full article in PDF format

Turn the key 1/4 turn to the right

Use the joystick to toggle down to LICENSE INFO and press the red SELECT button

Press on the LICENSE INFO box

A green checkmark indicates you have the Upgrade

Enter code 1-2-3-4-5