The James F. Lincoln Foundation

The James F. Lincoln Foundation – Advocates for Arc Welding Careers and Education

Whether you’re a high school or post-secondary student, instructor or welding professional, continual education plays an essential role in professional development and elevating the skill of arc welding.

The James F. Lincoln Foundation is a non-profit welding education organization founded in 1936, when the arc welding industry was in its infancy. The JFLF is the only organization in the United States dedicated to disseminating arc welding information, educating students of all levels on the art and science of arc welding, encouraging them to pursue welding careers and granting cash awards to recognize technical achievements in welding projects.

Welding Books

The JFLF's welding books not only teach students, professionals and recreational welders the fundamentals of welding, they provide instruction on management theory, welding history and essential supplemental topics such as how to read shop drawings.

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Welding DVDs

The JFLF’s arc welding tutorial DVDs are designed to not only teach students how to weld, but to promote the field of arc welding through accessible, visually engaging videos. The collection of DVDs covers the gamut of welding education — from the basics of welding terminology and shielded metal arc welding techniques to industry trends and the role welding plays in our daily lives.

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Welding Technical Papers

Featuring several award-winning submissions from JFLF’s professional welding awards program and an archive of welding innovation articles, our collection of technical papers includes a wealth of information designed to enrich welding education and advance arc welding practices.

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Welding Project Kits

The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation offers arc welding projects kits and idea books that are designed to be fun and educational. The kits help beginners advance their skills by welding an eagle or airplane from an easy-to-follow JFLF template. The books offer ideas for agricultural projects, trailers, shop equipment, home and recreation projects, and more.

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