Our Experience Getting Back to Welding Training

How We Navigated Our Path Forward In The Era of COVID-19

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Our Experience in Welding & Trade School Reopening

At some point, the training required to advance the next generation of welders will have to resume. The challenge for school leaders, however, is figuring out a way to reopen their doors in a manner that is safe and responsive to the needs of everyone involved.

Having recently reopened our Welding Technology & Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., Lincoln Electric understands the unique challenges, collaborative decision-making and detailed preparation that is required. In accordance with our mission to advance welding education around the world, we have decided to share our own experiences with reopening under the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Note: It is important that schools review their local safety and health regulations, as requirements and recommendations can vary.
If you have any questions regarding the regulations and best practices applicable to your area, consult your local public health and safety officials.

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