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No welding supplier can do more to help you build your program.

We offer a full range of training solutions for welding educators — teaching aids and curriculum, welding equipment and consumables for every process, welding training systems, personal protection gear and tools, fume extraction and more. Browse products organized into Levels to help you determine which welding training tools are right for your program.


One stop, one partner.
No matter what level of welding expertise a student may reach, there’s always room to learn more – especially now when the industry requires an unprecedented degree of technical and operational knowledge. Lincoln Electric understands this need more than any other welding manufacturer. We’ve been the leader in welding technology for more than a century, and we’ve been the leader in welding education for just as long.

We take a three-level approach to welding education that starts at junior high and makes its way up through college. Our web-based U/LINC® curriculum closely matches this three-level structure.


Your single education source.
Whatever the needs of your welding school or training facility – whatever processes your welding instructors or regional customers specialize in – you need welding equipment and materials to launch your program and keep it running efficiently. That’s where Lincoln Electric comes in, with resources for every aspect of your education program. We were the leader in welding training a century ago, and we continue to be the leader today.


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Lincoln Electric is your one stop, your one partner, your single education resource for: