Training Equipment

Welding Simulators and Equipment
Bring Your Classroom Training to Life

Lincoln Electric’s integrated learning approach for welding students stresses hands-on experience with different types of welds. There’s only one way to acquire that experience – by working with training simulators and the actual welding equipment students will use as they embark on their welding careers.

Our catalog of welding training equipment includes:

  • VRTEX® Virtual Trainers – Supplement and enhance the welding instructor’s ability to attract, engage and train welding students in a cost-effective method. Learn More >
  • REALWELD® Trainers – Deliver guidance, tracking and more to enhance the understanding and development of welding techniques. Learn More >
  • Teaching Aids – Bring Training to Life™ with classroom teaching aids that deliver a tactile and visual experience for students. Learn More >
  • Robotic Trainers – Focus on enhancing the ability to train welding students on robotic programming and help them improve welding skills and techniques. Learn More >
  • Plasma Cutting Trainers – Torchmate packages provide state-of-the-art, affordable, robotic metal cutting machinery for welding training programs. Learn More >
  • Central Fume Extraction Systems – Find a variety of fume extraction systems for source capture applications such as schools, training locations and welding booths. Learn More >
  • Weld Booths – Ideal for use in stationary production welding applications, vocational centers and training facilities. Learn More >
  • Mechanized Accessories – Tabletop positioners and turning rolls help your students position the weld precisely where they need it. Learn More >
  • Gear & Tools – Whether you weld for a living or you’re an occasional welder, we have the right welding safety gear for you. Learn More >
  • Welding Power Sources – Select the right welding equipment for your education program: compact, multi-process, basic, advanced, integrated feeder models and more. Learn More >