Posters & Decals

Illustrate Your Welder Training Lessons with Posters and Decals

Displaying posters in the classroom is a great way for welding instructors to reinforce the welder training lessons they teach. Welding posters also provide students with a quick information about some of the more important aspects of the welding profession. Some of the subjects covered in our welding posters include arc welding safety, guides to selecting automation and weld fume control systems, welding helmets and other welding gear, proper welding positions and much more.

We also offer welding stickers and decals that make wonderful additions to your students’ welding helmets, trucks and anywhere else they want to display their American and Lincoln Electric pride.

Featured Welding Posters & Decals

Welder Training Poster Pak

Welding educator's poster pack of 11 training posters.

Welding Automation Selection Guide Poster

20 in. x 30 in. poster featuring our complete line of welding automation equipment.

Welding Gear Poster

22.75 in. x 34.50 in. folded poster describing our product lineup.

American Pride Decal

Featuring the American flag and Lincoln Electric logo. A wonderful addition to your welding helmet or truck!