Supplement Your Welding Courses in the Classroom with Welding Tools, Books, DVDs and Technical Papers

Welding instructors play a fundamental role in motivating their students, getting them excited about learning how to weld and helping them take advantage of all the opportunities available within the arc welding field. Good welding teachers don’t just impart trade knowledge – they foster the pursuit of artistic craftsmanship.

To assist instructors in that endeavor, Lincoln Electric offers a variety of instructional resources ranging from traditional to modern. The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation has welding books, arc welding tutorials, DVDs, lesson plans, welding project kits and design aids you can integrate into the classroom to keep students engaged and spark their passion for arc welding.

For a more hands-on approach, the Teaching Aid Toolbox a ready-made instructional resource that contains a number of visual aids that welding instructors can use in the classroom setting. This modular, mobile cabinet is stocked with a variety of welding tools and related hardware that provides a visual aid to help bring the curriculum typically associated with the shop setting to life in the classroom.

Welding experts developed all of our educational tools and they represent the most current welding practices and standards. Instructors can use the tools independently to teach welding, or as a complement to an established curriculum.

Teaching Aid Toolbox

At Lincoln Electric, we know that teaching is about putting your students in touch. Bring the Teaching Aid Toolbox into your classroom and help them get a handle on welding and cutting.

Consider the Teaching Aid Toolbox >

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Cutaway Harris® Gas Regulator

An internal tension spring and diaphragm give precise flow control of a number of the more common high pressure cylinder gases.

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Cutaway Harris® Oxyfuel Torch

Provides the optimum mix of oxygen and acetelyne for precise cutting and beveling.

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Fully operational GMAW/FCAW gun with three-foot cable and complete front and back-end parts.

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Welding Books, Guides and Booklets

Our collection of welding books offer a variety of fun welding projects that are affordable, easy-to-follow and designed to inspire students to learn how to weld.

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Media for Welding Instructors

Our professionally produced, easy-to-follow DVDs teach welding through arc welding tutorials that feature the most innovative arc welding techniques, tips and other practical information about metalwork.

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Technical Papers on Welding Innovation

Download our technical papers to teach welding safe practices as well as innovative welding methods. Many of the articles are award-winning papers from our professional welding awards program.

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