Teaching Aid Toolbox

Bring Weld Training to Life

Enhance the learning experience for your students with the TEACHING AID TOOLBOX

Every good welding instructor knows the education process has visual and tactile dimensions that can augment traditional book learning. If a welding student can see a tool and hold it in his or her hand, the learning experience immediately shifts to a higher level and the result is a greater depth of understanding.

  • Includes welding tools for every process
  • Tools are the same products used with our REALWELD® Welding Training System, Power Wave® C300 Education Ready-Pak® and other Lincoln Electric equipment recommended for use in welding schools
  • Fully supported with Lincoln Electric U/LINC® curriculum lesson plans and more
  • Boost learning to the next level with actual weld joints and weld passes
  • Includes weld discontinuity flash cards

Welding Training, Up Close and Personal

Curriculum in a cabinet

  • Comprehensive array of tools and accessories from various welding and cutting processes
  • Cutaway Harris® gas regulator and oxyfuel torch provide students with a better understanding of their structure, operation and application

Build on the basics

  • Modular system than enables you to start with one cabinet of welding and cutting tools and work your way up to multiple sets
  • Cabinets are designed for stacking, so you can add materials without taking additional space in the classroom

Bridge the classroom and the lab

  • Bring actual welding and cutting tools into the classroom to better illustrate the principles of each process
  • Boosts learning to the next level of understanding by illustrating joints, cuts, equipment and related techniques


  • SMAW
  • GTAW
  • GMAW
  • FCAW
  • Plasma cutting
  • Thermal cutting

Teaching Aid Toolbox

Cutaway Harris® Gas Regulator

Cutaway Harris® Oxyfuel Cutting Torch