Gear & Tools

Build Positive Training Experiences with Quality Gear and Welding Tools

Students in all phases of their welding education count on their personal protection equipment to provide a comfortable and safe learning experience. Lincoln Electric offers an extensive selection of welding helmets, jackets, gloves and safety glasses that allow students to work confidently in a welding environment and focus on their skill development. Lincoln Electric also provides a full complement of essential welding tools such as rod ovens, curtains, hand tools and more.

Performance, Comfort, Style & Safety

Flame Retardant Cotton Jackets & Shirts:

  • Lightweight design is ideal for introductory and intermediate curriculums
  • Constructed with 100% 9 oz. flame-retardant cotton that meets ASTM 6413 standards
  • Available in sizes M- 3XL
  • Custom embroidery to include school logos is available on select models

Leather Jackets:

  • For intermediate and advanced curriculums we recommend leather sleeved jackets to provide additional protection and durability throughout the school year
  • Each leather jacket model has unique features tailored to specification applications and/or operator preferences
  • Available in sizes M- 5XL
  • Line of women’s welding jackets is designed to fit female fabricators

SMAW & GMAW Welding Gloves

Traditional MIG Stick Welding Gloves:

  • Made of heat and flame-resistant shoulder split cowhide
  • Kevlar stitching with welted seams provide added durability

Heavy Duty Welding Gloves:

  • Premium black and tan split cowhide provides superior durability and abrasion protection
  • FlameSoft three-layer design focused on increased burn protection, heat resistance and comfort

Premium Leather MIG Stick Welding Gloves: 

  • Lightweight, supple grain cowhide construction for optimal dexterity and durability
  • Flame-retardant foam lining provides heat resistance and comfort

GTAW Welding Gloves

Leather TIG Welding Gloves:

  • Lightweight, form-fitting grain goat skin leather provides optimal fit and feel for TIG welding
  • 4-inch. split cowhide cuff provides added heat protection and Kevlar thread provides for maximum seam strength

Full Leather Steelworker Welding Gloves:

  • All leather construction for light welding or metal working
  • Durable form-fitting goat skin back for optimal dexterity

Helmet Liners Protect Students from Spatter

Welding Doo Rags:

  • Constructed of 100% flame retardant or 100% cotton material, doo rags offer an athletic mesh lining for fast sweat evaporation and are machine washable
  • Lincoln Electric and All American styles available

Welding Beanie:

  •  Constructed of 100% flame retardant material, beanie is machine washable
  • Beanie features Lincoln Electric colors and logo

Welding Cap:

  • All American style cap is constructed of 100% cotton material, cap features air-cushioned insert surrounds the inside of the cap for maximum sweat absorbency
  • High crown design aids ventilation

Stylish Indoor & Outdoor Eye Protection

Indoor Welding Safety Glasses:

  • Available in styles that fit over prescription eyewear
  • Offers anti-fog coating
  • Features an IR Shade 5 filter lens for cutting and grinding

Outdoor Welding Safety Glasses:

  • Durable eye protection
  • Styles include red mirror lens and silver mirror lens

Cutting and Grinding Goggles:

  • Protects face from sparks, spatter, particles, sand, dirt and heat
  • Available in shade 3 and shade 5 darkening levels

Welding Face Shield:

  • Clear impact resistant shield wraps around the entire face for protection during grinding, polishing, deburring and more

Wide Selection of Auxiliary Training Essentials

Hand Tools & Brushes:

  • Teach students to safely work with nozzles, tips, wire, slag and spatter with Radius welding pliers, welpers, and chipping hammers
  • Brushes available for cleaning carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Welding Rod Ovens:

  • HydroGuard rod ovens from Lincoln Electric protect stick electrodes from moisture pickup, a major contributor to weld cracking and porosity

Welding Curtains and Blankets:

  • Create a safe learning environment with 6 x 6 FT welding curtains rated to 1022° F
  • Available in white, red or black