Booth & Fume Extraction Systems

Lincoln Electric Fume Extraction and Weld Booths Promote Safe Welding

Maintaining a safe welding environment at all times, and instilling the importance of this aspect of welding, is a critical part of welding education. Lincoln Electric’s weld booths and fume control solutions ­­­– including custom-engineered, integrated booth and fume extraction systems ­– will help ensure a positive, productive and safe training experience for both students and educators.

Lincoln Electric’s powerful fume extraction systems contribute to safe and comfortable welding training environments. Selecting the right fume control solution for a training space can result in cost-savings.
Lincoln Electric provides a selection of single-arc fume control solutions that are designed to provide fume extraction for one-arc welding projects that are typical of smaller work areas.
Lincoln Electric’s welding booths and welding booth stations feature heavy-duty construction, single- or multiple-booth options and are available in a variety of sizes for versatile configuration.
Lincoln Electric’s system design experts help instructors create productive welding spaces by configuring a booth and fume control solution that is safe, cost-effective and comfortable.