Central Fume Extraction Systems

Powerful Weld Fume Extraction for Welding Labs and Training Facilities

By removing hazardous welding fumes from the work area, welding fume extractors are an essential part of a safe weld training environment. Lincoln Electric provides a comprehensive selection of welding fume control solutions ranging from large centralized filtration systems to smaller, self-contained wall-mounted units that are ideal for extracting fumes from multiple arcs. Specialized extraction hoods for automation and robotic welding support air quality in advanced welding applications.

Centralized Filtration Reduces Maintenance

  • Ideal for schools and training facilities
  • Welding fume is removed and extracted at the point of welding and is transported via ductwork to a central location for filtration
  • Helps to keep welding fume away from the operator’s breathing zone
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low-vacuum and high-vacuum systems available
  • Applications: Stick welding, TIG welding, flux-cored arc welding, plasma cutting and grinding*

*Not suitable for use when grinding aluminum, magnesium or other explosive materials.

Modular and Pre-Designed Hoods

Modular Extraction Hoods

  • Ideal for robotic, hard automation and manual applications
  • Easy to install, customizable enclosure that creates a cleaner work environment
  • Extracts welding, cutting, arc gouging and grinding fumes

Formed Extraction Hoods

  • Predesigned structures are ideal for welding fume extraction in Lincoln Electric robotic cells
  • Durable construction features rugged aluminum framework
  • Enhanced features include optional interior lighting kit

Extraction Arms & Guns, Filters & Fire Safety

  • Flexible extraction arms include a 360° rotatable hood to quickly capture fumes Ideal for weld schools
  • Replacement filters ensure peak performance and efficiency
  • Fume extraction guns withstand long hours of arc time
  • Fire safety solutions prevent, detect and suppress fires in the welding and fume extraction and filtration systems