Robotics Welding

Robotic Welding Systems Break New Ground for Training

With labor shortages and competition rapidly driving new innovations in welding automation and welding processes, there is a critical and growing demand to equip welding operators with advanced technology and the most up-to-date training. Implement the equipment and training tools necessary to address the challenges faced by a wide range of industries and streamline welding functions to produce more consistent and higher quality welds.

The Lincoln Electric ClassMate® Robotic Trainer provides the education community with a complete advanced manufacturing solution for robotic welding training.
Satisfy the demand for more reliable and higher quality welded products by preparing the next generation of welding technicians with the latest in robotic welding cell technology.
Find all the equipment and computer-controlled systems necessary for preparing welders to meet higher standards of welding precision on pipe, tube, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.