REALWELD® Training Systems

Develop Higher Levels of Control and Confidence with REALWELD®

Give welders from across the industry the opportunity to practice and refine key welding skills in a controlled environment. REALWELD® is the most versatile welding trainer available. It supports instructors so they can teach and reinforce welding techniques in a highly interactive and supervised platform with audio coaching and welding performance tracking on five key parameters.

  • Objective skills-based welder evaluation
  • Train welders faster and more efficiently
  • Enhance and supplement welding training
  • Attract and engage next generation of welders
  • Save money on base material, electricity, consumables and waste
  • Supports pre-employment recruiting and weld screening

  1. Camera Array
  2. EN 20 Fume Control Nozzle
  3. Adjustable Height and Position Welding Table
  4. Miniflex® Fume Control System
  5. Set of 3 – 6 in. or 18 in. Joint Fixtures
  6. Standard Stick Stinger
  7. Storage racks for up to 6 fixtures
  8. Sensor Target Device
  9. Standard Magnum® PRO MIG Gun
  10. Power Wave® C300 Multi-Process Welding Power Source and Rolling Storage Cart
  11. Enclosed Computer
  12. Motorized carriage raises or lowers table
  13. 17 in. (432 mm) touch screen

REALWELD® Screen Analysis

  1. Weld Analysis – % of time welder is within tolerance on ALL 5 parameters
  2. Percent Time Parameter Performance with Tolerance – % of time parameter is within tolerance
  3. Welder’s Performance vs Tolerance
    • Tolerance (green section)
    • Welder’s Action (line)

REALWELD® Welding Training Resources



For more information on REALWELD, including case studies, testimonials, tips and tricks and more, visit the Welding Resource Center.

  • Instant feedback for accurate reporting and student evaluation
  • Audio coach provides guidance with weld speed, angles, aim, contact tip to work distance/arc length and position in the weld
  • Stick (SMAW), MIG (GMAW) and Flux-Cored (FCAW) welding procedures and techniques
  • Integrated touchscreen for integrating documents, images, website and curriculum for enhanced learning
  • Motorized carriage makes it easy to move the table and arm for welding in flat, vertical or overhead positions
  • REALWELD welding trainer can be adapted to any welding machine or can be purchased with the Power Wave® C300 Educational Ready-Pak and fume extraction system.