Career Skills and Development

Broaden Your Welding Expertise
and Advance Your Career

At Lincoln Electric, we have the reputation, the experience, and the tools to provide you with a well-rounded foundation in every aspect of welding. Whether you are seeking training in manual welding techniques, robotic welding processes, or want to be able to repair our welding products, our expert team of instructors will give you the tools to expand your skills and advance your career.

Choose a Welding Training Classification to Get Started

Whether you are looking for a welding course to get started in a new career or need to hone more advanced professional welding skills, we offer a comprehensive catalog of courses including shielded, gas tungsten, flux-cored and submerged arc welding, as well as the requisite training to prepare you for more specific welding certifications and endorsements.

Are you an authorized Lincoln Electric technician or a customer who uses our equipment and who wants to be able to troubleshoot and make repairs to our welding solutions? We offer several courses designed to equip you with the skills you need to work on a wide range of welding equipment from Lincoln Electric.

We offer hands-on robotic welding skill-building for technicians and entire welding teams, and for anyone who purchases a Lincoln Automation® product. Our experts will walk you through everything you need to know to run, maintain and program your equipment safely. On-site training sessions are also available.