Our Curriculum

Flexibility for Welding Instructors Has Been the Rule in the Design of the U/LINC® Curriculum.

Encompassing both classroom and welding lab instruction, each 50-90 minute lesson plan comes complete with objectives, a resource list, interest approach, content with suggested instructional strategies, and student evaluation. Laboratory exercises devised to enhance lesson concepts are embedded in the curriculum as well. Additionally, e-learning classes have been incorporated to augment traditional instruction and provide further content to facilitate student learning outside the classroom.

Assessment and feedback are essential components of the learning process, providing benefits for both the instructor and the student. Well-designed assessment supplies rich data about student mastery and needs as well as the effects of the teaching method used, allowing the teacher to guide instruction and provide remediation if necessary.

  • Formative, summative, and observational assessments are built into the curriculum to ensure that the students are achieving the learning objectives in the lessons.
  • U/LINC® incorporates the concept of multiple intelligences, including visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning styles. The curriculum utilizes various formats to measure student learning.

The U/LINC® curriculum is a complete instructional solution for high school, community college and industrial welding programs.